This luxury charging collection could be the last charging cable & power bank you’ll ever need

Elevate your charging experience with the MAGFAST Lux & Extreme. The Lux works with pretty much any device, while the Extreme can jump start your car.Buy the last charging cable and power bank you’ll ever need with the MAGFAST Lux & Extreme charging collection. These luxury charging gadgets look beautiful and work with almost all modern devices.Tired of buying charging cables that fray after a couple of years? Maybe you’re sick of lugging around a heavy power bank that performs only 1 function?Go for better quality when you choose the MAGFAST Lux & Extreme. Boasting beautiful designs and impressive functionality, they upgrade your charging experience.

Check out the MAGFAST Lux stylish charging cable

While charging cables with keyrings and wind-up options are clever, most of us just want a cable for our everyday charging needs. And that’s exactly what you get with the MAGFAST Lux. It looks and feels great in your hand and is designed for both Android and iPhone.

Use this long-lasting cable for every device

Whether you own an Android device or an iPhone, you can use the MAGFAST Lux. It comes with both Lightning to USB-C for iPhone users and USB-C to USB-C for everyone else.

Get your Lux cable replaced

When we say the MAGFAST Lux could be the last charging cable you ever buy, it’s not hyperbole. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty on it.Lux cables are high quality and quite strong. According to MAGFAST, you can expect years of use from it. And if yours fails despite good care, the company will replace it.

Enjoy free Lux USB-A adaptors

These luxury charging gadgets have future-forward features yet still work with past designs, thanks to their custom USB-A adaptor. You get one for free when you buy this gadget. It’s custom designed to fit all Lux cables, so you can use them anywhere, including chargers in hotels, coffee shops, libraries, and airports.

Bend your Lux cables every day–they’ll last for 65 years

Impressively, the MAGFAST Lux charging cable is certified for 25,000 bends. That means you could bend it every day for 65 years, and they’d be fine.The secret behind their durability is Teflon. The company says that most cables wear out due to internal friction. However, the Lux cables can withstand way more thanks to its Teflon-infused wiring loom and an improved silicone jacket.So, bend this charging cable to fit it in your backpack, laptop bag, and even the beautiful box it comes in. It lasts a long, long time.

Go for fast charging and data delivery

With a 60W PD power delivery, the MAGFAST Lux isn’t the fastest cable, but it’s plenty speedy for the typical user. It’s 2 times as fast as most phones and tablets can charge and still keeps up with demanding tasks.Moreover, this cable is excellent for fast file transfers with speeds of 480 Mbps. It even transfers HD movies between devices in 30 seconds or less.

Lux cables have a comfy, soft texture

Another feature that makes these luxury charging gadgets unique is their soft-to-the-touch texture. They stand out from the pack because they feel so smooth and silky.

Confirm your products’ identity

What’s more, when you choose MAGFAST Lux charging cables, you can be sure you’re not getting a counterfeit.That’s because each MAGFAST product comes with its own Fingerprint, or code you can use with your smartphone to check its identity. It’s a simple 6-character code lasered onto every unit. There are over a billion possible combinations, so it’d be impossible for a counterfeiter to guess.

Charge your gadgets with gold flash gold-plated components

At this point, you’re probably wondering what makes these charging devices so luxurious. The answer is their gold flash gold-plated USB connections. Sure, they’re a bit more expensive, but it’s a durable material that jazzes up the look of your typical tech products.

Choose reusable packaging

Hate opening packages and then tossing all the packaging just moments later? When you go for the gadgets in this luxury charging collection, you can use the packaging again.The beautiful box makes a great storage place when you aren’t using the cable and makes the product a suitable gift for the holidays, which are right around the corner.

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