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Another trend in technology has been the rise of fitness devices. While we’ve been using tech to help us stay trim for many years now, we’ve never before been able to do it to such a scientific degree, with instant feedback and recommendations from devices that can monitor our workouts as we complete them.

If you want to know how invested we are in the fitness tech market, look no further than Apple, whose Apple Watch is heavily advertised as a fitness device. In 2019, the company sold 31 million of them, making it the most popular watch brand in the world – far surpassing the likes of traditional brands like Rolex and Omega.

So what can a fitness watch actually do? We’re far beyond the days when your ‘sports watch’ could merely record your lap time. We now have the ability to monitor our heartbeats and blood pressure, track and monitor exercise plans, and even monitor our sleeping patterns.

If you’re looking to buy one this year, has reviewed and compared some of the best fitness watches out there – including FitBit, Apple Watch, and Garmin Forerunner – to find the best for features and budget.

So, there we have it – seven dramatic ways that technology has impacted our daily lives for good. Of course, technology never takes a rest, and you can bet that it won’t be long before some of the devices and services we’ve covered here are superseded – in many cases, their next iteration is already being worked on in a lab somewhere. Regardless, there’s no denying that technology has, and will continue to, have a huge impact on our lives, in one way or another.

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